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house of jezebel - back in dogtown usa - voyage direct - vinyl

VD 16 - 77843 - eu12" - €7.99

New Copy

Genre: House

1 Back In DogTown USA
2 I Took A Train In 1979

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The label say "Fresh from impressing with the pulsating techno of Boris Werner and the fuzzy live house jams of San Proper, Tom Trago�s Voyage Direct label turns to a man who needs little introduction: Dutch legend and man of many pseudonyms Danny Wolfers.

Best known under his Legowelt alias, Wolfers has spent the last two decades flitting between strobe light acid house, 808 electro, fluorescent techno and shimmering space disco. Throughout, he�s kept his productions pleasingly analogue-heavy, making great use of classic drum machines and vintage synthesizers. While his music may be steeped in the past, Wolfers� productions always sound like the future.

For this first outing on Voyage Direct, Wolfers resurrects the House of Jezebel alias � a pseudonym previously only used for the twinkling deep house warmth of 2010�s �Love & Happiness� � and delivers two tracks of synth-laden analogue house goodness.

�Back In Dogtown USA� sets the tone, as Wolfers layers rising chords, darting electronics and wide-eyed synthesizer melodies over a clattering analogue house groove. As with much of the legendary Dutch producer�s work, the track ripples with rush-inducing melodic intent. It�s the soundtrack to a party on Jupiter, and we�re all invited.

Wolfers� ups the tempo dramatically on �I Took A Train In 1979�, transplanting us to the far reaches of our galaxy via jackin� techno drums, picturesque organ melodies, drifting chords and intoxicating pads. There are echoes of classic Detroit techno, surging Rotterdam electro and vintage cosmic disco, yet it doesn�t really sound like any of these things. Like �Back In Dogtown USA�, �I Took A Train In 1979� sounds like the past, reconfigured and rearranged for the consumption of future generations. In other words, it�s a classic Wolfers production."