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rock-a-mambo & l'african jazz - souvenirs from esengo 1957-1961 - planet ilunga - vinyl

PI 02 - 77595 - eu2lp - €34.50

New Copy

Genre: African

1 Samples
2. Baila
3. Mi Cancion
4. Toca Mi
5. Oye Jacquy
6. Rossignol Cantador
7. Siempre Mi
8. Serenade Sentimentale
9. Lily & Germaine
10. Pesa Ngai Falanga Na Masanga
11. Babalou
12. Bakoule Bidama
13. Iyele
14. Mioto Na Likolo
15. Bolingo E Gagne
16. Elie Violette
17. Maria Rebecca
18. Ngai Mpe Elombe
19. Leo Se Leo
20. Charley Pull
21. Tembe Nye
22. Chauffez African Jazz
23. Brigitte
24. Besame Moucho Jacquelina
25. Rica
26. Titi
27. Ya Biso Pembeni
28. Ba Nzambe
29. Panchita

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Late fifties recovered music from Congo. Comes with a 28-page booklet. Limited to 500 copies. TIP!!

After the first release on Grand Kalle & l�African Jazz , for Planet Ilunga the quest continues to recover the Congolese music history. With this new compilation we delve into the back catalogue from Esengo, one of the labels that operated in the former Leopoldville in the fifties. In a five-year time span (1957-1961) this publishing company - named after the Lingala word for �pleasure� - released over 400 records, all issued on 78 rpm records. This compilation focuses on the recordings of two of the most important and earliest ensembles of Esengo: Rock-a-Mambo and l�African Jazz. Their recordings were characterized by a very melodic thinking and were often drenched in Afro-American rhythms. It resulted in an unparalleled joie de vivre, lots of pidgin Spanish and extremely danceable tunes.

Please note that several tracks on 'Souvenirs from Esengo' are remastered from the original 78 rpm records pressed in former Leopoldville. These have now been reissued for the very first time. Planet Ilunga collaborated for this release with a few 78 rpm and vinyl collectors. I would once again like to thank them for sharing their rare records.