greeen linez - hibiscus pacific, moon b mix - alliance upholstery - vinyl

AU 001 - 75405 - us12' - €10.99

New Copy

Genre: House

1 Hibiscus Pacific - original
2 Hibiscus Pacific - Sorcerer (Whisper Mix)
3 Hibiscus Pacific - Eli Jacques Remix
4 Hibiscus Pacific - Moon B mix

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The Hibiscus Pacific EP is a cinematic journey through a fantasy world of music, both familiar and unreal, and as perfectly suited to bedroom dreamers as it is to nightclub dancers.. Check out the Moon B mix B2 track!

Greeen Linez is a collaboration between Chris Greenberg (from British electronic pop band Hong Kong In The 60s) and UK-born/Tokyo-based DJ/producer A Taut Line (aka Matt Lyne, co-founder of the Diskotopia label). The result is yacht funk meets Balearica that draws equally from from boogie, jazz-funk, house, and Japanese supermarket muzak.

Sorcerer (Tirk/Nang) throws the track in passenger seat of of his open-top Cadillac and cruises down a breezy, palm tree laden boulevard into the blue horizon. A Balearic burner that is just as comfortable lounging on the beach as it is dancing in the club.

The Jacques Renault (DFA/Letís Play House) mix finds itself head down, eyes closed, gasping for air in the Liquidroom at 4AM. Unrelenting and minimal with a haunting synth line.

Moon Bís (Peoples Potential Unlimited) keeps the track out past last train and lures it up to his Roppongi Hills apartment overlooking the Tokyo skyline. Icy synths and fat percussion make this one to come back to.