joe drive - buried truth - lux rec - vinyl

LXRC17 - 75335 - eu12'' - €8.99

New Copy

Genre: House

1 New Edge Mantra
2 Ancient Entropy
3 The Program

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Joe Drive's music is always an intricate affair, it spirals you down and never lets you go. Its complexity needs time and acute ears to unfold all those hidden details.

His freeform composition dwell within the depth of machines. Exposing their buried truth. And so is this EP. A journey into electric catacombs of forgotten impulses where at every corner menacing shadows await you. Spine shivers, ghosts of children or unthinkable creatures? It is all there, and yet you can't see. To enter Joe Drive's dreams you need a key, Lux Rec provides it. Wander at your own risk, do not get lost.