inkswel - no more suckas - burek - vinyl

BRK 008 - 75177 - eu12'' - €11.50

New Copy

Genre: House

1 No More Suckas (feat Dave Aju)
2 Mind Yours (feat Cazeaux OSLO)
3 Saturated (feat Isaac Aesili & Charli James)
4 Oishi Stylus (bonus beats)
5 No More Suckas (DJ Nature remix)
6 Mind Yours (Iron Curtis Chant remix)
7 Mind Yours (IG Culture remix)

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Crossbreed between hip-hop and house. After releasing on labels like Superior Elevation, Unthank, his own label Hot Shot Sounds etc, Inkswell is definitely making a name for himself !

Hot on the heels of his successful autumnal tour of Europe, the antipodean beatsmith and low-riding soul-brother, Inkswel, arrives on the eighth 12″ from Burek Records.

Comprises three funkadelicious, shape-throwing, pop-locking slices featuring the talents of San Fran’s Dave Aju, Melbourne’s Cazeaux O.S.L.O, Christchurch’s Isaac Aesili and Adelaide’s Charli James. In classic turntablist style the bonus beat track ‘Oishi Stylus’ is also included, evoking the Pacific Rim’s interconnectivity with its Nipponese flavours cut over solid beats.