r-a-g - life - lux rec - vinyl

LXRC15 - 73816 - eu12" - €8.99

New Copy

Genre: House

1 Disorder
2 Repression (Spaventi Tape Edit)
3 OD

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The road to Hell is paved in gold. One that guides to Disorder, Repression and eventually a last leap into OD. Yes, boy, this is Life. Unfair, menacing, dark and twisted, like the new EP from R-A-G out on Lux Rec.

The Dutch trio presents its first release outside the M>O>S legacy and delivers three excessive tracks wandering on the fringes of the jacking zone, analog techno and wavy obscurity. Walk in, embrace Life. Hear it pulsates, disappear.

Gold vinyl in a gold printed sleeve. Free download included.