ny*ak - the truth will find you - intimate friends - vinyl

MATE 002 - 72237 - eu12'' - €9.99

New Copy

Genre: House

1 Empty Promises
2 How I Feel
3 The Truth Will Find You
4 Makosa

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Stenciled Sleeves....Limited Edition..... HEAT!

MATE 002 presents NY*AK's aptly titled THE TRUTH WILL FIND YOU. Pfff that was long. What truth will find us then?

The truth that Detroit and New Castle's working class have a lot more in common then the eye meets. NY*AK channels his love and passion through 4 mid-tempo bangers, breathing incredibly soulful.
How I feel reminisces of stripped down 80's Boogie with a heavy foot,
while Makosa melts into a sweet piano loop.
Empty Promises might be a kind of a theme song for Mr Scott, since the voice urges the listener to keep on pushing for his own fulfillment, no matter what friends & family.

The Truth indeed has found him.