repeat pattern - rp - cascade records - vinyl

CR 006 - 70703 - eulp - €11.50

New Copy

Genre: Hip Hop

1 History
2 Racingoverspeedbumps
3 Kidlovepaperairplaines
4 Briskmanner feat. Elstoof
5 Andthat
6 Girlfriend
7 Ohyeah
8 Knockknock
9 Fukbutbeautiful feat. Broke
10 Onethatpart2 feat. Broke
11 Onehanded feat.Broke
12 Bruceleeposter
13 Dots feat. Broke
14 Hitrepeatedly feat. Elstoof

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This new album by this Washington DC born,Tokyo based producer is finely tuned for the likes of all real lovers of hiphop/rap/instrumental/beats etc

With the promising Cascade debut of "Love Exposure", and his solo Cascade release "08-09", and the recently now famous "Badminton Club", the bar has been set high but "RP" delivers so we urge you...