jordan gcz - crybaby j - off minor recordings - vinyl

OMR01 - 70611 - eu12'' - €10.50

New Copy

Genre: House

1 Crybaby J
2 Crybaby J dub mix

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Charted by

Gary Abugan - Invisible City Editions

Jordash of Juju & Jordash pops up solo on his own label.....TIP! Photograph courtesy of Sherry Czamanski.

Jordan GCZ is Jordan Czamanski. Jordan Czamanski is Jordash (from Juju & Jordash and Magic Mountain High). He lives in Amsterdam.

Off Minor is a name of a classic song written by Thelonious Monk. Off Minor Recordings is said Jordan's new exciting label.

Crybaby J is a name of a song by jordan GCZ.
Jordan Czamanski used to be a big crybaby too.
The song is about him.

Jordan played Crybaby J to three super critical scary music critics. They thought it's dope as hell.
He also played it to a few fancy world traveling Djs. They thought it was dope as fuck.

Orpheu de Jong designs. He runs Redlight Radio in Amsterdam. Orpheu de Jong designed this cool 12" cover.

Off Minor Recordings is going to release a bunch of great stuff in the near future. Next upů A new Magic Mountain High 12"


"oh yes oh yes"
Jackmaster (Numbers)