andras fox ft. oscar s. thorn - embassy cafÉ - dopeness galore - vinyl

DG 11 001 - 70419 - eu12'' - €9.99

New Copy

Genre: House

1 Romance
2 Running Late
3 Waiting...
4 What They Say
5 Slow Dope
6 After The Rain
7 Rhythm Ace

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Embassy Café is house music laid bare - rough, ready and romantic. It’s the early 90s house record Australia never had - an antipodean take on classic albums such as Dream 2 Science and Amnesia.

Starting out as raw cassette tape demos, this collaborative project blends Andras Fox’ deep house productions with the sensual vocals of Oscar S. Thorn. Mixing phrases or straight cuts from experimental jam’s with lush rhythm tracks, Embassy Café is a surprising mix of dance floor material alongside slow 80s funk grooves.

Recorded live with minimal overdubs, the resulting album tracks are full of the mistakes, noises and distortions that made the early recordings by artists like Virgo Four so appealing. Oscar S. Thorn’s vocals recall a time when house was the mainstay of a marginalized, black, queer audience.

“For fans of Larry Heard, Frankie Knuckles and Kenny Dixon jr.”