v/a - manifest#3 - verein freier menschen und musik - vinyl

VFMM 3 - 68613 - eu12" - €9.99

New Copy

Genre: House

1 Bufiman - Bufi To Body
2 Bufiman - Fantasy
3 Tim Schumacher - Fijn Hus
4 Tim Schumacher - Velez Was Fresh
5 Tim Schumacher - Session Victim

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The next release by the mysterious Bufiman teaming up with Tim Schumacher on the label that fully dedicates itself to the underground house sound!

Bufiman delivers two tracks that blend analogue disco, house and heavy tribal voodoo rhythms.
Tim Schumacher is representing his very own interpretation of Chicago-House and brings us three driving tracks that are rooting deeply in the love for analogue sound production of the late 80ies.
Limited pressing of 300!!