v/a - bullets number 1 - porridge bullet - vinyl

PB 002 - 68190 - eu12'' - €10.50

New Copy

Genre: Bass

1 Deyal & Raadz - The Exchange
2 Deyal - Get To This
3 Espirit - Surplus Stars

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Very decent Porridge Bullet’s second release is by three young and highly talented up and coming Estonian producers: Deyal, Espirit and Raadž.

Deyal & Raadž’s “The Exchange” is a funked up techno thriller showing you what these young guns are capable of when getting together in the studio. Raadž’s other collaboration (with Waves) was on Get Darker’s ever-popular “This Is Dubstep” series a few years ago.

The second track of the EP, Deyal’s “Get To This”, is our personal favourite. It has everything we ever liked about dance music - it’s raw, dirty and deep.

Espirit’s “Surplus Stars” stimulates in all the right places and is already an underground hit in Estonia.