the steoples - the steoples ep - unknown - vinyl

GBEP 001 - 68166 - us12' - €11.99

New Copy

Genre: House

1 Nature Of The Soul
2 Got To Be Right
3 Riding On Light
4 Even So

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Custom 12" vinyl with hand-stamped labels, limited first pressing...LA Producer GB and A Race Of Angels, two mysterious figures in the West Coast music scene, join forces as they bring to us their self-titled project, The Steoples. TIP!

This 4-track EP is a beautiful hybrid of electronic and soul brilliantly put together in a most unique way. Lush analog synths and syncopated rhythms animate this offering throughout, while the vocals embody an infectious feel that will have you singing all day. Check!

Each jacket has been individually and uniquely hand-sprayed by Dame (MSK). As every jacket is different, yours will not be exactly like the ones pictured. Instead, yours will be totally one of a kind.