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gerd janson presents: - musik for autobahns - rush hour - vinyl

RH 125 LP - 67998 - eu2lp - €17.50

New Copy

Genre: House

1 me - Erkki
2 Tom Trago - Next Fase
3 Roman Flgel - Duck & Cover
4 Move D - The Incorrigible Heartthrob
5 Marco Passarani - White Chocolate
6 CF & Daywalker - 115 BPM
7 Maxxi & Zeus aka Quiet Village - Passion
8 Tensnake - Bliss

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Gerd Janson compiles an exciting ambient-not-ambient compilation that includes exclusive tracks by �me, Move D, Quiet Village Marco Passarani, Roman Fl�gel and Tom Trago!!!

Musik for Autobahns is the result of asking Gerd Janson for a collection that starts where previous efforts left off. While Computer Incarnations for World Peace (his compilations for Sonar Kollektiv) concentrated on tipsy new wave music done by jazz-funkers or neo disco-ists, Autobahns has an
unintentionally strong leaning towards ambient not-ambient, kraut pleasers and codeine house, i.e. Industrial Ambient and Electrifying New Age. It�s all new and exclusive material by people who once or twice crossed paths with the compiler. You will hear �me with their modular slambient concept sitting next to Amsterdam�s Tom Trago off peak time duties, Roman Fl�gel with an old DAT tape wunderkind that shares a side with Heidelberg�s very own Move D in love, outsider dance from CF & Daywalker alias Entro Senestre and Willie Burns as well as a greasy sounding Marco Passarani and finally Tensnake�s romantic pop appeal that is a counterpoint to Maxxi & Zeus (better known as Quiet Village) and their �Passion� for all beauties that lie beyond.
This sometimes unlikely gathering is hopefully unified by its non-parochial view of dance- and living-room floors, ambient noise and its effectiveness as a soundtrack to long rides up and down the Autobahn.