auf togo - second left / member talk - leng - vinyl

LENG 014 - 67976 - uk12' - €10.50

New Copy

Genre: House

1 Second Left
2 Member Talk

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New Leng signing Auf Togo are the combination of Clement Cachot-Coulom from the Fabulous Penetrators and Sasa Crnobrnja, one half of In Flagranti.

Their combined sound is one of vintage recording equipment and instruments coupled with tweaks and blends from the modern studio. This new 12 for Leng draws on all their knowledge of the past and of the current club scene, effortlessly gliding through deep, warm analogue sounds and tougher studio techniques. Both tracks have guitar work that reminisces of a late 60s West Coast scene laid over strong bass lines and beats giving the perfect mix of home listening fuzz and a late night dance floor.