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jorge velez - mmt tape series - home recordings 1996 - 1999 - rush hour - vinyl

RH 124 LP - 67860 - eu2lp - €17.50

New Copy

Genre: House

1 Luminous View
2 Assembly Line
3 Untitled 2.1
4 Number Two
5 Some Of Your Friends
6 Seqqex
7 Untitled 2.3
8 As It Is Today
9 Floo
10 Dewy Garden
11 Big Gray Bldg
12 Under The Sea
13 Untitled 4
14 Untitled 1.4
15 Hi Jinks
16 He Makes Us Smile

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Recently a series of very limited and mysterious 12s by Jorge Velez popped up in stores around the globe - Rush Hour chased the artist and now offers a selection (which includes exclusive tracks) on this double LP.... seriously decent electronics that ooze nostalgia (we hear AFX, Larry Heard, Drexciya in there to, name a few) all with a 'Genius' twist...TIP

J Velez aka Jorge Velez recorded these tracks on various analog machines in the mid to late nineties in his home studio in Jersey City. The tracks never really left his studio until recently.

His catalog only holds a view releases, most notable his recent L.I.E.S. Release as Professor Genius. His music, lovingly produced and directly recorded on tape, should evoke instant listening excitement to electronic music connaisseurs for it sounds warm, dusty, otherworldly, soulful and creamy.. ll that good stuff.

If we didn't know better, we would have guessed early 90's Detroit. But it's late 90's Neww jersey
and it's damn good! 16 tracks on a nicely packaged 2xlp. 4 tracks are exclusive to this release.