legowelt - the paranormal soul - clone jack for daze - cd

CCD 011 - 67399 - eucd - €14.99

Genre: House

1 Danger In The Air
2 Clap Yo Hands
3 Elementz Of Houz Music
4 To The Homeland
5 Sketches From Another Century
6 Tiger On The Train
7 Transformation Of The Universe
8 Voice Of Triumph
9 I Only Move For U
10 Renegade Of A New Age
11 A Cold Winters Day

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Insubordinate and averse to anything going on in the EDM world, Legowelt is back with a luminous new album on Clone records !

Steamy and mysterious as ever The Paranormal Soul is advancing the trademark Legowelt sound into new directions. Mangling up the historical foundations of New York, Detroit, Chicago and early U.K Rave, mixing it with seedy witchcraft rituals and deep space psychedelics for a boundless journey into techno mysticism