redshape - square - running back - cd

RBCD 05 - 66894 - eucd - €17.50

Genre: Techno / Electro - Berlin

1 The Channel
2 It's In Rain
3 Atlantic
4 Orange Clouds
5 Moods & Mice
6 Starsoup
7 Paper
8 Landing
9 Enter The Vol
10 Until We Burn (feat Space Ape)
11 Departing
12 The Playground (Square version)

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“Square” is the follow up to Redshape’s album debut “The Dance Paradox” (Delsin, 2009) - that is if you don’t want to count the double impact 12-inch “Red Pack” as a long player. Check!

“Square” doesn’t care for styles, genres or expectations, it can hold its own. Spread across twelve tracks you are as likely to meet vintage Redshape on tracks like “It’s In The Rain” or “The Playground (Square Version)” as you will encounter new facets of him with the Hyperdub affiliated Space Ape featuring “Until We Burn” and “Moods And Mice” or with a cluster of ambience pieces ("Orange Clouds", “Landing", Departing").