hieroglyphic being - the lost transmissions - morphine records - vinyl

DOSER 014 - 66884 - eu12'' - €7.99

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro


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Rush Hour Distribution

Rush Hour Distribution


Jamal Moss is back on Morphine, although you wouldn't think it by the sound of these painfully out-there tracks.....wey hey.....anyway... Both tracks clock in around the 13 minute mark and head deep into total-nutball territory. clued up sickness again on this excellent label. TIP...TJUUP.

the label say"Jamal Moss aka hieroglyphic being steps in with one revisitation of a already released track on a extremely limited cdr, the last transmissions, this slower but even more spaced out than the normal, edge of the techno, noise territorial killer. the other side, an original cosmic bebop, one of his most controversial and paranoic outputs, surprising and magical. hieroglyphic being is considered by morphine as our time's visionary, one of the last standing true afro-futurists."