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jameszoo - faaveelaa ep - rwina - vinyl

RWINA 019 - 66660 - uk12' - €8.99

New Copy

Genre: Hip Hop - Instrumentals

1 You Cherrypearl
2 Mrm Aid S
3 Doc Pipper
4 Psitta Riddim

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Having spent most of 2012 so far further establishing itself as a global bastion of forward thinking electronic dance music, the Rwina label is changing things up a little with an EP from young Dutch producer Jameszoo. Check!!!

On �Faaveelaa�, Jameszoo displays the kind of brazen ingenuity that youth affords by drawing inspiration from dancehall before finding its edge to craft an entirely new take on the genre.
�I You Cherrypearl� sets the tone, and it�s firmly tongue in cheek. Eerie melodies bubble slowly to the surface until a hint of percussion signals the arrival of the riddim.
On �Mrm Aid S� is the riddim is seemingly broken, its percussion and bass pulses coming at you from various angles while strange animals make noises in the back.
A lullaby done in a dancehall fashion might sound like �Doc Pipper, about as close as it gets with a childlike melody contorted over bass heavy kicks and rolling percussion with processed vocal chops. It�s perhaps the track that displays the most obvious dancehall influences yet still manages to sound unlike anything ever done in that style.
Things end on as delirious a note as they started with �Psitta Riddim�, coming across like a horde of robots kicking over a kindergarten.

Jameszoo�s debut for Rwina shows he has plenty of ideas and isn�t afraid of experimenting with them. Whether you bump it at home or in the club, �Faaveelaa� is sure to surprise you and make you move in ways you never thought possible.