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elbee bad: the prince of dance music - the true story of house music - rush hour - cd

RH 121 CD - 66372 - eucd - €13.50

Genre: House

1 New Age House
2 The New Age Of Faith
3 I Like To Move
4 S. Shuffle
5 Just Let You Body Ride
7 E7 E9 (Get Krump!) (Unreleased)
8 Mr. Terry Meets Mr. Fingers
11. The True Story Of House Music (Body Mechanix Authentic Garage Groove)
12. The Music Is Kicking

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Elbee Bad is another great underground house pioneer from the formative days of NYC house in the late eighties. The True Story Of House Music finally gets told...

Like the Burrell Brothers, Elbee Bad aka Lamont Booker, is an early house producer from New York
City. And the comparison doesn't stop there; Elbee Bad has also recorded under different aliases and has also remained largely unknown to a wider audience. He has also recorded for Nu Groove Records, for which he has recorded his most famous material, but like the Burrell's he wasn't a Nu Groove fixture. Bad recorded for a slew of other independent New York house labels like Bassment,
City Limits, Easy Street, Red Heat, United States Of America and then there was his own LaRhon
Records. Almost 25 years have past since his first release 'Just Don't Stop', yet 'The True Story Of House
Music' is the first time Bad's catalog gets compiled for re-release. Although the best and most prolific
part of his catalog is his late 80's and early 90's output, Booker never stopped producing (and dj'ing).
The Nuyorican came up on the live circuit as a teenager, featuring as a drummer in his school band. When the group disbanded he decided to move forward solo. This was as at a time when hip hop and dj culture came up. He started dj'ing and experimenting with beat looping rock, disco and electronic records. He formed a dj crew and they started rocking PA's. Not long after that his first record came
out on an independent house label Bassment, which features 'Just Don't Stop'. Many singled followed on different label, including his most well-known EP entitled 'The True Story Of House Music' on Nu Groove Records. Not only does this feature various versions of the title track,
which caused a storm with djs around the globe, it also features the ambient song 'New Age Of Faith'.
The theme got used by Sabres Of Paradise who made it their own on 'Smokebelch II' which became a
landmark house and balearic record in the early 90's. Unfortunately for Elbee, the Sabres left him out
of the equation. It left a bad taste, but he kept on producing music, purely on emotion and never with a marketing mind. This is probably the main reason why he has stayed out of the limelight, yet has produced so many
timeless tracks, of which most can be found on this compilation. Elbee Bad aka LB Bad aka The Prince Of Dance Music aka Lamont Booker aka The Voodoo Man, aka
Lord KCB aka BAD currently lives and works in Berlin where he continues to work on music as well as
producing and running his Bad's Label.