royal band de thies - kadior demb - teranga beat - cd

TBCD 016 - 66032 - eucd - €17.99

Genre: African

1 Cherie Coco
2 Kouye Magana
3 Ma Kodou Deguene
4 Dagath
5 Doudhane
6 Mariama
7 Gossar
8 Korolober
9 Sama Yaye Boye
10 Hommage à Mbaye Fall
11 Righie Righie

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awesome new TERANGA Beat... !

TERANGA BEAT proudly presents the ROYAL BAND de THIÈS in their first ever and entirely unreleased 1979
recording. Singers and composers JAMES GADIAGA & SECKA will guide you through the sweet melodies, wicked
rhythms and vocal traditions of Senegalese music, in a fabulous performance that combines MBALAX with AFRO-JAZZ.

While many bands in the world claimed the title of “Pacesetters” none can stand next to ROYAL BAND de THIÈS. The 9-member band with its dynamite percussion and horn sections will twist you like tornado! Tracks like "HOMMAGE À MBAYE FALL" will take you on a musical journey to the cultural crossroads of Senegal, West Africa’s meeting point of European, Latin American and African musical traditions. This real-time, two-microphone recording gives the impression that
the group is playing live in front of you, making it hard to
believe it dates back 33 years ago!