darling farah - body (+ free download code) - civil music - vinyl

CIV 036 - 65866 - uk2lp - €21.99

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro

1 North
2 Realised
3 Fortune
4 Forget It
5 Body
6 Curse
7 Aaangel
8 All Eyes
9 Bruised
10 Fortune Part II
11 Telling Me Everything

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‘Body’ is the debut long player from 20 year old Darling Farah. Born in Detroit before relocating to the United Arab Emirates he is now in London, where in 3 short months this innovative debut was written. Traversing the Techno landscape with beautiful continuity the album navigates from beatless ambience, pulsing rhythms and machinist teutonics through dancefloor beats and cyclic 4/4 to Detroit soul and dub techno.