stellar om source - image over image - no 'label' - vinyl

RHD-005OM - 65565 - eu12'' - €7.99

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro

1 New Look
2 Club 5-7
3 Heatwave
4 Innergy

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Charted by

Rh Distbution Chart August

...Om tripping..4 brain bending electronic tracks..Sticker Art by Nicole Martens....TIP!

"b1 is insane, I really like that.
- BMG (Ectomorph)

"that's some real techno you got there, drum patterns(808?) and the sounds used are"
- Terrence Dixon (Population One)

" Stellar Om Source's "Image Over Image E.P." strays from seasonal cliches or sounding over-produced. The tracks will hold one's interest with plenty of fading layers, and transitions. The production techniques herein are refreshingly straightforward. No silly tricks,
grandiose break-downs and wind-up moments. The music drives forward with a loose energy. Engaging and lively. Excellent release. Now, where's my copy!?"
- Tadd Mullinix (James T Cotton)