juju & jordash - techno primitivism - dekmantel - vinyl

DKMNTL 011 - 65386 - eu3lp - €21.50

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro

1 Stoplight Loosejaw
2 Diatoms
3 Backwash
4 Rogue Wave
5 Shakshuka Dub
6 Slow Boat To Haifa
7 Powwow
8 Peligroso
9 Dr. Strangepork
10 Track David Would Play
11 Echomate
12 Techno Primitivism
13 Loosey Goosey
14 Shrublands
15 Way Of The Road

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Charted by

Rh Distbution Chart July 2012

Rh Distbution Chart August

oh oh oh... this is a bit good! Full album from the astonishingly talented JuJu & Jordash. This time crossing their more psych side (Golf Channel recordings) with their proto-everything electronics. How many more tricks do they have up their sleeves? Killer! Pressed HEAVY & comes with a download card!! TIP

Continuing their distinctive synthesis of spaced-out jazz un-standards, murky dub and hypnotic electronics, Juju & Jordash exploit the triple vinyl format to launch a mission bound for the innermost depths of their sound. Itís obvious the writing and production have reached a new level in their exciting evolution. Now itís time for the music to reach an audience beyond just techno and house. "Techno Primitivism" is just beautiful music, period.