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FR 2012-02 - 63173 - eudo12'' - €19.99

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Genre: Hip Hop - Instrumentals

1 Soosh - Changing Spheres (inspired by Michiel Schuurman)
2 Coco Bryce - Girls Mutilate (inspired by Mister Adam)
3 DJ Mace - Transit Line Ecstacy (inspired by Boris Tellegen)
4 Kid Sundance Presents: R&R Grooove Xpress - Ti Amo (inspired by Supernova)
5 Julian Edwardes - Blurry Air Banjo (inspired by Staynice)
6 DJ Grazzhoppa - Friendly Visit From Outta Space (inspired by Attak)
7 Solo Moderna - Bloody Magic (inspired by Studio Boot)
8 Jameszoo - Kiwanushi And The Cheesechildren (inspired by Jeroen Erosie)
9 Kelpe - Inklitter (inspired by Graphic Surgery)
10 DJ Optimus - Das Experiment (inspired by Loulou&Tummie)

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Music inspires designers. Images inspire musicians. The project See-A-Sound, initiated by Fremdtunes and Mashville, shows you what music looks like according to designers and let's you hear what images sound like according to musicians. One discipline provides inspiration for the other. Check!

This album contains the 10 tracks that resulted from the collaborations for See-A-Sound in 2011, coming from Coco Bryce, DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ Mace/Fremdkunst, DJ Optimus, Jameszoo, Julian Edwardes, Kelpe, R&R Grooove Xpress, Solo Moderna and Soosh. They were inspired by the works of Attak, Boris Tellegen, Graphic Surgery, Jeroen Erosie, Loulou & Tummie, Michiel Schuurman, Mister Adam, Staynice, Studio Boot and Supernova.