adrian young pres. venice dawn - it's me (serato control vinyl) - wax poetics records - vinyl

WPR 012 - 63044 - us12'' - €22.50

New Copy

Genre: Funk / Soul

1 It's Me
2 The Niacin (featuring Shawn Lee,Michael Leonhart, and Calibro 35)

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Following up his score for the cult-classic film Black Dynamite, composer Adrian Younge has created Something About April, a heavy, psychedelic mix of dark soul and cinematic instrumentals with hip-hop aesthetics.

The first single on Wax Poetics Records, Its Me featuring guest singer-songwriter Rebecca Jordan, comes out as an Official Serato Control Vinyl in limited-edition chocolate. Classic production techniques and authentic instrumentation recall the glory days of 70s soul, while the vocal workout and swagger allow the music to sit firmly with modern artists who redefine soul like Erykah Badu. Some say its a mix between Aretha Franklin circa 1969 and Wu-Tang circa 1992.

Track two, The Niacin, exclusive to this Serato release, starts its point of reference in the dusty breakbeats of golden-era hip-hop. Featuring virtuoso Shawn Lee (Ubiquity), trumpeter Michael Leonhart (Truth & Soul, Daptone), and Italian cinephiles Calibro 35 (Nublu), the instrumental track expands into a free-form jam session that references both film maestro Ennio Morricone and hip-hop legend DJ Premier.