alfabet - e/f - rush hour - vinyl

RH-ALFA 3 - 63016 - eu12'' - €7.99

New Copy

Genre: House

1 Hell Of Samba
2 Too Shy

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The third release in the Alfabet series of warm and dusty house music by Tom Trago and Awanto3.

Tom Trago and Awanto3 team up for their new project they call Alfabet. This series is all about warm and dusty house music. It will run for 13 two track singles, totaling 26 tracks. Each track representing a letter.

On the third Alfabet release they step it up a dozen of notches or so. 'Hell Of Samba' surely sounds as the theme tune of armageddon. The end is nigh they say, so might as well play the music. If there is hell below, we are all going to go!

'Too Shy' on the other hand sounds like we have died and woke up in heaven. A soothing, spaced-out, yet bass heavy jam that gives an strangely eerie feeling that angels are among us. Could Aardvarck be one of them?