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na hawa doumbia - la grande cantatrice malienne, vol 3 - awesome tapes from africa - vinyl

ATFA 001LP - 62193 - uslp - €21.50

New Copy

Genre: African - Ivory Coast

1 Ko Ro Dia
2 Dan Te Dinye La
3 Danaya
4 Kungo Sogoni

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Jungle By Night

Previously available as a long out-of-print vinyl import from Ivory Coast, La Grande Cantatrice Malienne, Vol. 3 is now rereleased on this LP! The restored recording by the Malian chanteuse best known for her contributions to Wassoulou music is the first release for new label Awesome Tapes From Africa (, a blog and DJ project known worldwide for shedding light on obscure and wonderful musical treasures from the African continent.

La Grande Canatrice Malienne was recorded in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in 1982, capturing the singular duality inherent in her music early on: a stripped-down, raw backdrop supported by warm sonics; feminist expressions of social issues imparted through stark refrains. The album is third in a series recorded in the early `80s near the beginning of the singerʼs nearly four decade career.

About Awesome Tapes From Africa

Awesome Tapes From Africa began in 2006 as an mp3 blog shedding light on wonderful and obscure cassettes from the African continent. It has grown into an internationally recognized, crowd-sourced public archive and acclaimed DJ project. Founder Brian Shimkovitz began by digitizing and blogging about cassettes he brought back from trips to West Africa and has since received tapes from fans and contributors, creating an extensive online repository for popular, traditional and folkloric musics from dozens of countries. The Guardian, The New York Times, Fader, The Wire, ArtForum, Rolling Stone, BBC Radio 6, Village Voice, and New York Magazine, among others, have hailed the project for its enthusiastic and open-armed approach to sharing otherwise hard-to-find music with listeners worldwide. In the process, numerous artists previously unheard outside their native regions have found fans via Awesome Tapes From Africa.