b.d.i. - decoded messages of life & love - rush hour - vinyl

RH 036 - 62127 - eu12'' - €7.99

New Copy

Genre: House

1 Decoded Messages Of Life & Love
2 New Robotics #17

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B.D.I. brings two far out techno tracks on this new Rush Hour release. Industrial in a good way... this is going to send a certain club in Berlin upside down! Tip!

The long awaited return of B.D.I. Is finally here. He returns with two unique tracks.

'Decoded Messages' will retain 9 plus minutes of your 'Life & Love'. So often, songs give. This takes, stores and distributes when necessary. These realignments result in a modulating user experience over repeated listenings. No two shall ever be the same as they remain independent of your attempts to classify or dismiss. Lying somewhere between an 'acquired taste' and 'freeform movement' this is music with the ability to confuse, distort, reward and signal.

Reversing the 12" we encounter 'New Robotics #17'. Such a cold heart but it ain't ice. Warm ruby red accents cut their way through the track and hopefully a balance can be found for the dancers. It's Drums & Bass or Bass & Drums. 'New Robotics' is a series of music to be made over the next millennium. Each track will daisy chain onto the next, resulting in a mixtape created over eons.