roel funcken - fes bace - eat concrete - vinyl

EAT 029 - 62109 - eu12'' - €7.99

New Copy

Genre: Bass

1 Julien Mier - Spletch (Roel Funcken Remix)
2 Roel Funcken - ALH84001
3 Roel Funcken - Skinetic Culpture
4 Roel Funcken - Fes Bace

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Four bass heavy, dancefloor ready tracks by Roel Funcken!

Again, Roel Funcken proves to be a master of technoid, bass heavy and intelligent dance music that defies any genre. His latest EP for Eat Concrete titled 'Fes Bace' is a beast, a collection of perhaps his finest, probably his most effective work to date. It shows a man on a mission, reinventing himself constantly after his much acclaimed solo debut 'Vade'. On 'Fes Bace' Roel has taken his sound to a whole new level, delivering four tracks of uncompromising quality and diversity that could easily destroy any dancefloor.

The EP opens with a Funcken remix of 'Spletch' (original by Dutch talent Julien Mier), bouncing off into broken rhythms and stroboscopic lazer madness. The second track ‘ALH84001’ (named after a meteorite from Mars) reminds of Meat Beat Manifesto but with a twisted, razor sharp edge while 'Skinetic Culpture' is a nervous, post electro affair with a Drexciyan touch. Last is the title track 'Fes Bace', an ultra heavy piece where a halfstep beat grinds thru an ultra low swamp, spitting vocals by Dream (Shadow2).

Limited edition vinyl with mindbending artwork from Timothée Mathelin aka shift.