lee perry - the return of pipecock jackxon - honest jons records - cd

HJRCD 109 - 61770 - ukcd - €12.50

Genre: Reggae / Dub

1 Bed Jammin
2 Untitled Rhythm
3 Give Thanx To Jah
4 Easy Knocking
5 Who Killed The Chicken
6 Babylon Cookie Jar A Crumble
7 Some Have Fe Halla

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Originally released in 1980, this album is the final work to emerge from the Black Ark studio, before its permanent destruction. Huge tip!

It concludes a series of such LP masterworks as Super Ape, War In A Babylon, Police And Thieves, and The Return Of The Super Ape. Enthrallingly, it crosses the soundworld of Roast Fish Collie Weed And Cornbread with new hybrids — like the irresistible elevenminute opener, rolling and delirious, a kind of reggae prophesy of Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing, but musically richer, and more glazed, randy and visionary.