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nebraska - displacement - rush hour - cd

RH-N 1 CD - 61300 - eucd - €13.50

Genre: House

1 Soho Gand (Album Mix)
2 Time Has Come
3 Phthalo Blues
4 The Mountains
5 I Forgot
6 Characteristics
7 Aitch Aitch
8 You And I
9 The Cruives
10 This Is The Way (Album Mix)
11 The Other Side (Album Mix)

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CD version of this summers Nebraska double vinyl album...with added extras Tip!

Over the past two years Nebraska has released a bunch of well received EP's for Rush Hour. The follow up to this series is his first album for the label. Nine months after his 'Four for Four' EP, we give you 'Displacement'.

The album largely consists of brand new tracks, from the smooth and elegant 'You & I' and 'The Cruives' to the more upfront disco of 'Patina' or 'Phthalo Blues'. It also holds some of the best tracks from his EP's, like catchy disco anthem 'This Is The Way' and the soul drenched 'The Other Side'.

Nebraska continues what he does best; combining fun-loving, party starting disco jams with cinematic, luscious work outs. This combination is what have always made his EP's a great treat and to have this recipe extended to full length is an aural fantasy come true!

Nebraska hails from England and has been producing house music since the mid 90's. He is also known for his releases on the American cult label Downlow. Ali Gibbs enjoys a bit of a Superman story. During the day he works an office job and goes fishing in his spare time, but when he turns on his drum machines after dark, he becomes Nebraska and churns out groove after groove.

In his own words: 'What I do fits into this idea that since the days of the The Beatles, European fans have been collecting Afro-American music, (mis)interpreting it and accidentally adding new things to the mix. I happened to be around when people were busy getting hip hop, house and techno wrong.'