boogie arkestra - the jupiter tuning center & boogie arkestra ep - rotating souls - vinyl

RSR-2YLIDIOMPH - 61107 - us12'' - €12.50

New Copy

Genre: Disco

1 Vodka Sour
2 Tunnelwhip
3 Love & Fashion
4 Don't Forget

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Second release from Pittsburgh's Rotating Souls Records features Boogie Arkestra and Jupiter Tuning Centre. This 4 track EP is an eclectic mix of Disco, Boogie, Jazz-funk, and House sounds. "Vodka Sour", which starts off the EP, is a prime time stormer that is a tribute to jazz-funk keys and crunchy percussion. "Tunnelwhip" is the perfect complement to Vodka Sour; funky jazz guitar with a touch of class. On the Flip is "Love & Fashion" which takes elements of boogie, brazil, and detroit house, great for those late night dance affairs. Topping it all of is "Don't Forget" a sleazy slo-mo spacey-disco tune with big disco string sounds, thick basslines and honey smoked disco vocals.