dom thomas - dreams of san antonio - brutal music - cd

BRUTCD 04 - 60558 - ukcd - €4.99

Genre: Disco - Cosmic/Balearic

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The term ‘Balearic’ when attributed to musical style often leaves the most ardent music aficionados scratching their heads in a confused sweat. Attempting to sum up an infinite set of sounds from disparate backgrounds and eras is no easy task. The original manifesto of what makes something ‘Balearic’ is a loose definition: there are no rules, anything is everything below 122BPM. Check!

Dom Thomas embarks on his fourth Brutal Music sonic adventure, celebrating the ambiguity of the genre to craft a sublime personal journey through his own skewed vision of the Balearic sound. A fantasy trip through Balearic Beat, Bongo Rock, Acid Disco and Far Flung Folk. A misty-eyed look back to the embryonic days of Pacha and Cafe del Mar married with dreamy images of Barbet Schroeder’s ‘69 Ibizian paean ‘More’.