aardvarck - anti concept - eat concrete - cd

EAT 026 - 60392 - eucd - €12.99

Genre: Techno / Electro

1 Six
2 Stayput
3 O'Malley
4 Gubby
5 Dik_Over_Chord
6 Leuk_He!_over_Chord
7 Pffffffff
8 Hassel
9 Aaah
10 Bloom_2A2_Edit
11 Telwerk
12 Bloom
13 Duh
14 Afrika_Slang
15 Kermis
16 Stay_Stupid
17 Bloom_2_Mix
18 Syboooo
19 Beukeboom
20 Wall_E_Synth
21 Prince_Would
22 Hope_Not_Dope
23 Spees
24 Bliebert
25 Bosche_Bol
26 Sandor_vs_Pig_Talk_Bea
27 Arvo_Snake

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Aardvarck returns with his third full length album for Eat Concrete Records. 'Anti Concept' showcases a taste for deep ambient and minimalstic soundscapes, dub, Detroit techno and bass heavy beats, mixed into a perfect flow. As the title suggests 'Anti Concept' leaves aside musical genres and focuses on atmosphere rather than style. On 'Anti Concept' Aardvarck carefully and patiently builds his own world of sound, adding layers and complexity with each track.. TIP!

These 27 tracks bring mostly new material but also contain some of his earlier works on previous Eat Concrete and Bloom releases, highlighting some personal favourites of his impressive output. Enjoy!