van kaye & ignit - anthology 1980-85 - vinyl on demand - vinyl

VOD 86 - 59688 - eu5lp - €129.99

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Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock - Wave

1 Picassos On The Wall
2 Whirlwind
3 Alice Notley
4 The Heat
5 Negroes in New York

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Charted by

Beau Wanzer

Great, fantastic Minimal-Synth-Tracks from legendary dutch duo Van Kaye and Ignit !

Van Kaye alias Ed Van Kasteren (studying history of the arts and being singer of Monomen in the late 70’s) and Ignit Bekken (performing artist, painter and studiying to become an art-teacher) meet in early 1980 and started woking and experimenting with synthesisers.

The result was the minimal/synth-classic and highly sought-after Tapes 'A Slight Delay' and "With a Little Help" which they distributed and pubslihed through their own Ding Dong Discs label.

Another ex-Monoman, William Wiusselink alias "Wizzkopf", joined the project in 1982

VK&I did run the famous record-label Ding Dong Records & Tapes which published beautifully designed releases of Independent/Wave-artists such as Legendary Pink Dots, Bene Gesserit, Anne Gillis and many more incl. the All-Time-Classic-Must-Have-Compilation „Film Noir“.

This Box includes both Tapes „A Slight Delay“ (as 8-Track Demo an 11-Track original Release) and „With a little help“ as well as the ultra-rare "Picasso on the Wall 7“-Tracks, 17 compilation-contributions from 1981-85 (incl. the Radionome-Tracks), 7 unreleased-Tracks/Demos recorded between 80-85 and a 30 minute Live-Concert held in Rotterdam 1983. Members will furthermore receive a wonderful 40 minute concert from Ampermorching, Germany in 1982.