bnjmn - plastic world - rush hour direct current - vinyl

RH-DC 7 - 58173 - eudo12'' - €12.99

New Copy

Genre: Techno / Electro

1 Blocks
2 Wheels In Motion
3 Tunnel Flight
4 Fire In The Hole
5 Plastic World
6 Traditions
7 See Thru Stars
8 Depressure
9 Ocean Spray
10 Miniature Steps

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We are pleased to announce the debut release of a young producer from the UK, BNJMN.

His adventurous electronic sound is one we haven't heard in a while, and excited us on first listen.

While on one hand his music has a traditional sound (early 90's UK), BNJMN does create a world of his own due to the versatility in his productions. It is this versatility that creates an exciting hybrid sound, therefore pushing the envelope and making it sound very current, future even.

Welcome to the world of BNJMN, we love it!