policy - specialty party - rush hour direct current - vinyl

RH-DC 6 - 57607 - eu12'' - €7.99

New Copy

Genre: Bass

1 Specialty Party (Vox)
2 Specialty Party (Instr)
3 Lights Over Fort Lee

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Charted by

Cool Chris

It's not every day that we receive demo's from new artists that totally rock our world, but when its happens it's a joy and a reminder of why we are still doing this. And so tears of joy rolled onto the speakers when we played Policy's demo's. When contacted Policy he told us he is from NYC, is a part time movie director and only started making music recently. Out of the bunch of tracks we received 'Specialty Party' and 'Light Over Fort Lee' form his debut EP. Both tracks challenge the beat spectrum once again and definitely speak his cinematic mind. Expect more music from Policy on Rush Hour later this year. He surely is our contender for best newcomer of 2011.