la melodia - electronic love - la melodia records - vinyl

LMR 002 - 55727 - eulp - €12.50

New Copy

Genre: Hip Hop

1 Electronic Love
2 Come And Get It
3 Give It Up
4 Friends For Life
5 Feels So Good
6 Sounds Of The City
7 Love Game

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Here's a preview of the forthcoming La Melodia project; Electronic Love. In this ever changing music business, La Melodia teamed up with Nalden and decided not to release any full length albums (ft. 10+ tracks) anymore. Instead they planned to frequently release "mini" albums to establish a more constant exposure.

And so their first "mini" album Electronic Love presents 7 tracks on vinyl with Melodee kicking rhymes, and INT on the beats. It features a guest production by Philly’s upcoming producer/singer $uzi Analogue (Friend For Life) and a special bonus track. The idea is simple: all songs got the same synthetic (electronic) feel and all lyrics cover love topics. With this project La Melodia challenged themselves to take their music to another level. La Melodia is all about creating a vibe, Electronic Love is raw, sexy hiphop on a flirting spree. Find out yourself! The amazing illustrated artwork by Baschz has an extra feature. With the use of Augmented Reality (AR) the artwork comes to life and becomes the first vinyl artwork featuring this technology! You can download a bonus track by holding the artwork in front of a webcam! Bonus material is waiting for you at