oriol - night and day - planet mu - vinyl

ZIQ 275 - 55645 - uk2lp - €21.50

New Copy

Genre: House

1 Joy FM
2 Spiral
3 Memories
4 Jam
5 The Process
6 Flux
7 Coconut Coast
8 Night And Day
9 Fantasy For N
10 LW
11 5 Bars

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Palm tree's and neon lights! Fits in right there with Onra & Damn Funk...nice!

‘Night and Day’ connects the dots between Oriol his musical tastes, from the 70’s fusion and experimentation of Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder to the lush house of Theo Parrish, Larry Heard and Recloose, into drum and bass and dubstep, he rewires these influences into something that's totally exuberant and fresh, a soulful fantasy, indebted to older musical styles but still sounding bang up to date, surpassing any niggles you might have that this isn’t just seriously good music. TIP!