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noaipre - anxiety square / pretty psycho - arkestra discos - vinyl

ARKST 002 - 55642 - eu10'' - €7.99

New Copy

Genre: Bass

1 Pretty Psycho
2 Ansiety Square

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Rh Store

Mweselee's Arkestra label drops it's second bomb with this r'n'b laden heavy hitter from Spaniard, NoAipre!

Arkestra is proud to announce the first release for this new mysterious Spanish producer. Little is
known about Noaipre (Rohe Rodriguez on his ID) apart from he's "usually fighting kiwi jello velociraptors
in the middle of a cream tornado using a midi sequencer�. Translate this as Eski beats as a teacher
slap, schizo electronica with persecution complex, R&B passed through the two-speed blender, puffs
of smoky dub, 2step that changes Veuve Clicquot for Likor Caf�, hi hats fencing in busy garridge
patterns, sometimes filthy, sometimes cheesy, sometimes both. You can find all that and even more
on Noaipre�s jumpy, nervous and changing music.
The A side kicks out things hard with Pretty Psycho, a fuzzy-squared mammoth stomper greased
with glowing hot marmalade riffs and rave-ish crescendos, topped with colourful chipmunk-diva chops
that sugarcoats this urgent ode to golden era grime circa 2005. A certified dance floor h-bomb that
will please he�n�she.
Anxiety Square is on the flipside, which content it's well worth of its name. Synths in a bright green
dense waterfall of ones and zeros pouring and bubbling over spin-dry cycle snares, toms and kicks .
Finished with flashing trancey stabs and 8bit stitches here and there, you can picture this as the
soundtrack for Tron lightcycles racing into Wonderland�s labyrinth.