recloose - early works - rush hour - cd

RH 112 CD - 55614 - eucd - €12.99

Genre: House - Detroit

1 Get There Tonight
2 Soul Clap 2000
3 MYM 230 (RIP)
4 Insomnia In Dub
5 First Off (Dub Version)
6 Mauis Lament (Original Demo mix)*
7 Lagan*
8 Antares
9 Land Of The Lost Dance*
10 Flotsam*
11 Absence Of One
12 Cant Take It (feat Dwele)
13 Crosstown*
14 Jetsam*

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A Recloose Retrospective, Featuring Unreleased Tracks & Forgotten Gems From This Maverick Producers Earlier Years...He's Still The Don!

With this compilation we celebrate Recloose’s early works from the late 90’s, early 00’s. This material is often regarded as his best. The compilation includes his best music from that period, both released and unreleased. In fact, it’s an even score with seven released tracks and seven unreleased tracks.
The CD starts with tracks from his first two releases, both for Planet E, from 1998 and 1999: So This Is The Dining Room and Spelunking. It is especially Spelunking that solidified his name and earned him a worldwide fan base.
This CD once again showcases Recloose’s talent for merging electronic music with just about any preceding form of music: jazz (First Off, originally released under Dapp on Omoa Music), reggae/dub (Insomnia In Dub) or soul (Cant Take It).