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andy votel - vintage voltage - fat city - cd

FCCD032 - 54885 - ukcd - €16.50

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock

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Having spent a good 3 or 4 years nurturing a penchant for privately pressed ethnic folk music in an attempt to construct a 3rd volume of his acclaimed Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word series Votel had a virtual polarity change. It took a gradual weaning period via a refresher course of European Library music and a total overhaul of his own unkempt collection of several thousand LPs of obtuse and delectable cosmic -pop LPS to finally re-find his Mojo, resulting in a switch-mission and a couple of conceptual re-hab sessions at his B-music residency at Manchester's Dulcimer Bar under the advertised name Vintage Voltage. Within a few weeks Votel was back on his travels with a brand new bag, The Vintage Voltage Mixtape bears some of the first fruit of this re-charged regime.Since the release his last installment to his internationally lauded mixtape trilogy with 'Music To Watch Girls Cry' (2001) 'Songs In The Key Of Death (2004) and 2007's 'One Nation Under A grave' Votel's work for his own label Finders Keepers has taken adventurous ears on simulated aural excursions around the globe. When it come to mixtape ingredients Votel always saves the tastiest morsels for his hungry friends at one of Manchester's longest running independent labels Fat City. Using specially prepared ingredients for his preferred creative format, Votel's mixtape duties have won him commissions to create sonic-collages of rare back-catalogue for Vertigo Records and Brazils Som-Livre label. Vintage Voltage however sees votel at his de-blinkered, best scouring Electronic Pop History. Votel's additional sprinkles of global cinematic influences and spoken word cassettes and radio snippets serve to compliment this stack of bizarre original vinyl for another radiating microwave masala. Check!