rick wilhite - vibes new&rare music part d (urban tribe - carl craig - moodymann - shake - sherard ingram) - rush hour - vinyl

RH 111-D - 53774 - eu12" - €7.99

New Copy

Genre: House - Detroit

1 Carl Craig, Kenny Dixon Jr, Shake and Sherard Ingram are Urban Tribe - 1st Mistake
2 Urban Tribe - D2000 (The Godson remix)

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Charted by

Anthony 'shake' Shakir

comes in a generic black outersleeve nowOh sheesh - it doesn't take genius to work out who was leading the tribe on this one! The flip contains a Rick Wilhite remix of the 90's classic Urban tribe production, D2000 (originally a one sided 12"on Mowax). BIG RECORD.

Rick Wilhite and his Vibes new&rare music record store have been a main source in Detroit for over 17 years. His store is the place to go for many Detroiters looking for new soulful, electronic music. And as a DJ and promoter Rick has been holding it down for years. Next to that he mostly known for his affiliation with Three Chairs (together with Kenny Dixon Jr & Theo Parrish) and for his solo recordings, under his The Godson pseudo.

Now its time for Rick to get his peers and friends in the mix for his first compilation, aptly titled Vibes new&rare music. The compilation is spread out over four 12s, which will be followed by a compilation CD with exclusive tracks and features only the best of Chicago and Detroit electronic music. All tracks are new and exclusive.