bflecha - ceja de carnival / kosmic lovers - arkestra discos - vinyl

ARKST 001 - 53402 - eu10'' - €7.99

New Copy

Genre: Bass

1 Ceja De Carnival
2 Kosmic Lovers

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BFlecha has been making some serious noise lately with the certified floor banger 'Ceja de Carnival'.

This is her particular vision of current dirty-south hip hop sprayed with a touch of day-glo psychodelia;
like Three Six Mafia playing 808s and flutes on a starry night around a campfire with Gang Gang
Dance. It is already receiving strong reactions at the Sonar Festival and plays from DJs including
Rustie and Sinden.
On the flipside, we find the dreamy raw ballad 'Kosmic Lovers'. A frontal intercourse between the
new school 'purple wow' sound coming from Bristol (Joker, Guido, Gemmy) and a palette of burgundies
from epic '80s divas like Kate Bush or Laurie Anderson. Here she displays her vocal capabilities over
a mish-mash of 8bit arpeggios, sax chops, 80s synth toms, celestial horns and castanets. This creates
a retrofuturistic anthem that has already received props from the Hyperdub and Luckyme camps.
To complete the package, the artwork features an original oniric painting by Maya Hayuk, one of the
most exciting faces of contemporary underground art right now. She has created original artwork for
album covers, tour posters and publicity for numerous artists, from Prefuse 73 to Devendra Banhart.
All-in-all a beautiful cherry-like slice of wax you canít afford not to pick!