maledictus sound - wedding party - finders keepers - vinyl

FKSP 002 - 53114 - uk7' - €7.50

New Copy

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock - Psych

1 Wedding Party
2 Cambronne

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Faithful 45 reproduction of impossibly rare and unknown vanity release by tape-mutilator Jean Pierre Massiera!

Featuring 2 of Massiera's finest moments constructed from recycled samples and regurgitated snippets from the SEM studio tombs with a heavy emphasis on drums and percussion (Andre Ceccarelli???). Originally housed in screenprinted two colour Day-Glo sleeve with a bizarre title (sharing matromonial influences with William Shellers Lux Aeterna released 2 years later) this 45 comes straight from the vaults of the mad scientist himself. 500 copies only!