juju & jordash - juju & jordash - dekmantel - cd

DKMNTL 002CD - 53006 - eucd - €12.50

Genre: Techno / Electro

1 Deep Blue Meanies
2 Jugdish
3 Pulse A Denura
4 Time Slip Remix
5 Dirty Spikes
6 Jazzy Trance
7 Quasi (Ruff Dub)
8 Niks
9 Husheesh
10 Lerosa Remix

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Dekmantel’s first-ever release sets the standard higher than an Amsterdam tourist, thanks to the multi-talented Israeli duo Juju & Jordash. Now on CD!

Pinpointing Juju & Jordash’s style isn’t easy. Say they make fearless jackin Chicago house and they’ll reply with a cosmic experimental slow jam. So it’s no surprise, really, that this LP ranges from experimental tracks like the oud-flooded ‘Jugdish’ and the reggae-jazz jam ‘Niks’ to pulsing deeper tracks like ‘Time Slip Remix’ and ‘Quasi’. ‘Deep Blue Meanies’, ‘Pulse A Denura’, ‘Dirty Spikes’ and ‘Jazzy Trance’ are – plain and simple – pure dance-floor material. Raw, energetic musical bliss.