stefania rava - send in the clowns - deja vu - vinyl

DJV 200045 - 51633 - eulp - €26.99

New Copy

Genre: Jazz

1 Our Day Will Come
2. Send In The Clowns
3. When Sunny Gets Blue
4 Jubilee
5. A Time For Love
6 Ive Got Just About Everything
7. The One Who Needs You
8 Speak Low
9. Sambandrea

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Beautiful work from Stefania Rava The set's a Dejavu co-production, and as such, has a really classic sound; deeply soulful instrumentation from a core combo, topped with vocals from Stefania that are really great. Titles include a killer version of "Send In The Clowns" plus "Jubilee", "A Time For Love", "The One Who Needs You", "Sambandrea", and "Speak Low".