dom thomas - miscellaneous mutant mishaps - brutal music - cd

BRUTCD 001 - 51129 - ukcd - €9.99

Genre: Wave / Pop / Rock - Psych

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B-Music and Finders Keepers' linchpin Dom Thomas digs deep into his library of forgotten and unloved sound oddities to bring you a spaced-out tapestry of delights on the embryonic Brutal Music label. A dazzling plethora of anti-world music, syphoned from the far corners of the earth and beyond, bringing together musical marauders that have no link, only the uncommon thread of constructing indefinable, sonic soundscapes which have somehow mutated into hybrid masterpieces, some by fluke, others by design. Check!

A collage which blurs passages from protest fuelled France with politically sensitized Turkish psychedelic beats: schizo Spanish sci-fi soundtracks together with scorching Lollywood club bangers - all lovingly distilled with liquified dreams of proto- Hacienda anthems. This is the sound of now, the past and the future, a mysterious, beaten- up global jukebox taking you to the dancefloor and beyond...
This is an un-adulturated celebration of unknown universally-challenged songsmiths, all
neatly catergorised into a new sub-genre - "Miscellaneous Mutant Mishaps"